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Prayer and how to use it.

Now, there´s a word which makes people feel uncomfortable. “I will pray about it” often used within Christendom to mean I´ll think about it and perhaps even try to vocalize it: I will CONTROL and DOMINATE my opinion on you after I think about it.

SO what is Prayer? Can we really use it to get what we want? Well we can use it but not necessarily to GET. Let me explain:

We are taught that God is perfect and from a CS perspective, there cannot be any evil or bad thing existing in God´s Kingdom.  The problem is though we do not always live or more precisely think about things from that place or point. So our starting point for prayer is usually a bit off the mark. We need to approach God from a point of perfection, not a point of sickness. Otherwise we simply get lost in a lower mortal mind confusion. In other words, if you want to pray, you first need to take a moment to see the situation as already being perfect, thus being ready or expectant of receiving new ideas to come and flow.

An example:

Right now, in the world there are many religions, practices, spiritual things and its all very confusing, we live in a world where politics is beginning to exclude people from countries based on their religious creed, nationality and color, Trump´s Mexican Wall and anti Islamic policies, Italy turning away migrant refugee ships and Theresa´May´s Brexit.  Immigration is a hot topic, so how do we pray about this?

Well, firstly,  we need to say that whatever way we are fed this info (identifying “the problem”) it may be politically bias so we should be suspicious of it anyway as we all know about fake news slanted to change our minds. So our first question is “did I stand porter at the door of thought on this?”

But what does Immigration or refugees look like in God´s Kingdom. God does not see any kind of discrimination, there is no skin color, sexuality, black white, Muslim or Christian, there is simply God and his precious reflection. So we need to find “the Christ” that thing or force or power which raises us up and define it as something much greater than a denominational concept, in its true definition it would encompass all religions. Religion itself is one of the highest forms of Mortal mind, it is an earthly concept and is not seen or recognized spiritually in God´s Kingdom.  All religions  on earth do not reach heaven as groups or institutions. The work that they do may well reach God´s kingdom but only in the way of Love, not because of a contract, bowing,  membership form,  or water style baptism. Only self sacrifice and Love can reach that place on high, in fact it takes us directly there, a place to pray from.

So  to see other faith based groups firstly as a threat to humanity or as a barbaric group immediately means that God cannot hear your prayer. If you can´t reach that higher place of thought, invite your Arab neighbor over for coffee or go visit a mosque. Yes, you might be uncomfortable, yes, you will be outside of your zone of comfort, but there is good there in all that we meet, it is in the striving that we will find the Christ not in the TV reports. That is not to say that you need to agree with all  religious practices or interpretations. After all we disagree with most of what happens in Christendom or even our own denomination or “religion”. Just find the good because that´s where the Kingdom is. Try to see beyond the nationality because you and the Immigrant are both looking in the mirror. You are both reflecting the same thing, God.

Look for what God sees.






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