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A very broken window

Two windows in the Mother Church in the North Gallery: the window on the left has a golden Bible. It is complemented with a golden Science and Health. On the right side window, there is a plain circle . This circle represents :

“Earth. A sphere; a type of eternity and immortality, which are likewise without beginning or end.” [S&H 585:5]

In 1994 the Board of Directors decided to place the Church Manual inside the open circle thus lowering the Church to a material level and further away from Mrs Eddy’s science. It may have been an attempt to plant a message of allegiance to the denomination upon conciousness or to link earth to its rule.

I’m unclear if they knew what they were doing, its likely to be simple stupidity rather than an act of demonization. The fact that the original edifice is now crumbling shows the consequences. As Mrs Eddy’s message is increasingly hidden and reduced down to a “belief” or sentimentality, we can also expect catastrophe to become visible as mortal mind runs its course of tyranny, without check.

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