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The Practice

I sometimes wonder what it is in us, which draws us back it seems, unceasingly to dualism,  the idea of good and evil as well as all that goes with it like sin sickness, death etc.

I think part of the problem is the basic sense of belonging. For those who are not raised in CS or indeed don´t know enough about it, we  often grapple with an outward sense of loneliness. Of course there is no inward sense of it, since our best friend has to be our Father Mother.  But in practical ways, we are not islands and to rely on a decaying aged branch church does not seem to help the situation. For it may be neither metaphysical nor reliable.

I think we have to learn not to expect others to meet our expectations but to try with simply acts of Love to see and encourage others. Its a bit like having a wisdom and invisibly helping others who haven´t quite reached that place yet.

That is a fulfilling yet often times lonely journey, especially if we are talking about our own family and friendship group. There are days I often think to be Episcopal would be so much easier, just to turn up once a week smile placidly and leave.

Father Mother is everywhere, lets make sure we spend time thinking of that today,




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