The future of #Gaelic and Gaelic Learning

We have been looking at how some kind of Spiritual accompaniment to the revival of Gaelic is not only a good idea but is completely necessary for the revival of the language.

The concerns are:

  1. the revival if Gaelic may be kidnapped by egos existing in politics, commercial success or personal endeavours, lowering the language down to a commodity.
  2. Gaelic may become an extreme, creating a “them and us” scenario not only between England and Scotland but also between regions of Scotland itself.
  3. Gaelic may not exist in an equilibrium between two extremes of arts and literature on one side and politics and commercialism on the other.

Gaelic nurtured as an expression of “soul” would ensure that any use of it comes from an individual´s soul or “subconscious”  expression which incorporates the reasons for learning as well as the reasons for speaking it. Leaving the person with a sense of purity or in a higher state of consciousness.

I have written about this previously, but now I would like to further explore the topic.

For any new neuro-linguistic expression of soul to take place via a language then three things are required:

  1. a language
  2. a text of some kind for reverence and study purposes which has meaning for the people concerned
  3. a mathematical formulae to incorporate the first two points

In the absence of documents predating Christianity, the closest I could find which may have been useful was Carmina Gadelica.  However it is unreliable, cannot be considered a document with “meaning” in any deep or religious sense.

My idea at the moment is to bring in the Book of Psalms. I chose this book because

1. It is recognised by all three Abrahamic faiths, Jews Christians and Muslims

2. It is historical to the Gaels and highly revered

3. Metaphysical meanings can be drawn out of it for daily meaning. by studying certain themes or even re writing them for practical purposes in a new kind of translation. It seems a logical choice and I will continue to update you on this.

4. The fourth reason is that there are 150 Psalms which means over the period of one lunar month the entire book could be looked at.

Of course we can´t simply use the Psalms alone, they would need to be grouped into 7 categories made relevant for daily study, by writing, drawing, meditating. Despite this coming across as something religious, that is not at all my intention, in fact how one expresses the daily psalm or theme cold be left entirely to the individual.

Question:  “Why do we need to actually do this and how will you get people to do it?”

Answer:  The reasons for doing it is to bring in a sense of self worth and fulfilment.  Once the benefits of a shared vision are realised as well as developing one´s personal creativity, people would want to do it. As long as the principle of the thing is adhered to, people are free to choose how to work with it.  It is not a dogma, it is simply a way of bringing people together with a shared vision involving themselves and others. The Psalms means a shared heritage as well.


I already have Gaelic Psalms which are free from Copyright, the next thing to do is to think about seven themes for daily study and recommendations as to what that study might look like.  The entire thing needs to be presented in Gaelic as well as English which might pose a challenge to get it started bearing in mind time constraints.







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