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Seven Synonyms and why you need to study them

Seven Synonyms which define who you really are – why study them?

Mind, Spirit, Soul, Principle, Life, Truth, Love.

page 465 of the Christian Science textbook. 

Imagine walking on a street in a  force wind, pulling you to the left or the right, you would need to get shelter immediately. What do you do? Call your Mother to pick you up? Turn to an archived Mother Church Magazine for inspiration? May I respectfully say that both of these are avoiding the natural turning to God. To let Love draw you, no matter how scary it might seem.

It raises deeper questions about how close we feel to God and how we approach Him/It – is it a force here now? Is it something accessible only via my local Practitioner or CS Church or whatever shape or denomination. Strangely this is cyclic, these very questions were asked by individuals during the great protestant Reformation, about how  we come to God: through an intermediary or alone.

Your true being is far more valuable and useful to you than something pulled in the wind. It is natural and logical to direct  at least a little of your time, energy and attention towards the contemplation of who you really are so that you don´t rely on material institutions or people to get you out of difficult situations, especially those which will financially charge you for the privilege as this is an inverted form of catholicism. “You pay us we give you an idea of “God””. Nice idea, but no reliance on institution is going to help you progress, where finance is involved, it completely lowers any demonstration you may have.  There comes a time you need to take responsibility for your own learning to see the truth about whats around you outside of the walls of the prison.

It is a principle point of learning that the more we study a subject the greater our knowledge and control of it grows. Let us then study the synonyms which essentially are at the root of our being.  These synonyms describe God perfectly and as we are made to reflect his qualities, we  should look to them to describe who we are.

All your thoughts, speech and actions greatly affect your view of reality. Understanding and reclaiming your natural view of who you really are is at the core of genuine self improvement.

By focusing your attention on these synonyms  and qualities you will be raising up your outlook on life and you will find that you also raise up to greater levels of harmony.


The title “Science and Health” signifies Science whole, the
Science of being in its unfragmentary, indestructible wholeness – man
and the universe “every whit whole.” In this idea of totality and wholeness
lies the Science and system of absolute Christian Science the
cultured understanding, divinely structured and empowered,
which is beyond and above all organizational confines. This is the
“glory which [Christian Science] had with [its divine Principle,
Love] before [the material organization] was” (John 17:5). In this
divine system, man is found as God reveals him, unfettered by an
organic structure.
For the sake of Principle and the future of the human race,
when will Christian Scientists open their thoughts and hearts to the
living, unfragmented wholeness of the Bible, the Textbook, and the
Manual? As we do this, then, in the words of Paul to the Ephesians,
this Science of universal Love will become “our peace,” will make
“both one,” will break down “the middle wall of partition between
us,” will abolish “the law of commandments contained in ordinances,”
thus making in itself “of twain ONE NEW MAN, so making peace”
(Eph 2:13-15).

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