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The Claim of loss

Yesterday, I realised that my bank card was missing. Within a few hours it was clear it had been used and my account was missing £200.00.

It was interesting how this manifested, my initial thoughts were to say that if someone had wanted 200 pounds its likely I would have given it to them If they asked me,they didn’t have to steal a strangers bank card to get it.

Those thoughts soon became a bit darker as duality set in. Good person, bad man, My money taken away. I noticed a sense of hysteria setting in and quickly made a decision not to discuss this with anyone.

A few helpful thoughts came, firstly, the money isn’t MY money, provision is not mine, with or without the evidence of cash in my bank account I am provided for. I am simply the steward for whatever comes my way.

Secondly, there is no bad man, good man scenario, despite conjectures and possibilities, the truth is I don’t know the circumstances of the dear one who used it. If indeed it was a person or technology bot or whatever.

Thirdly from a scientific view, there is no “money” nor bank accounts or indeed good or bad. These things need to be translated into Science to see provision,

money: evidence of provision,

bank accounts: safeguarding and assurance of provision.

When the Christ meets these earthly views, it prods them until they vanish, engulfed with goodness as true definitions become clear and the nothingness vanishes. So there is no losing money, only losing old views.

The bank called me before I called them, they recognised fraudulence and immediately refunded the cash.

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