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Soul and Body 1

In this week’s Bible Lesson, we see a number of personalities, Samson, David, Eve etc each of whom could be defined in the small sense, individual souls demanding, betraying, fighting , fearing. Whereas seeing ourselves as “Soul” as a collective in God’s reflection takes us above human experience.

According to Max Kappeler, the Swiss scientist who spent his life studying Christian Science independently, Mrs Eddy said that God is not the best word in Science because of it’s two thousand year old history which conjures up illusion for many people. He urges us to try and move away from this and instead use “Principle”. The problem with that is we then have to redefine ourselves as “Ideas” rather than the sons and daughters of God. We become ideas of Principle. The challenge here is to try and get out of the limiting religious framework to progress. But yet we must not lose the respect and sense of holiness which comes from “the system” do we?.

I feel the same, about this word “Soul” which even as a synonym leaves us with an image.

The system of Mrs Eddy is defined and given to us via the Bible. We don’t want to change that but how far can we go in redefining names, without dismantling it. At what point does it cease to be Christian? A few years ago I adopted the Gaelic word Dia for God only to find it was the name of a supermarket chain in Barcelona, Spain.

I have no doubt the world is ready for such a new definition. In fact it will not dismantle Christianity it will affirm it. But what that name should be and how much further away from the mainstream would it take us? Whilst self defined ecclesiastical authorities like The Mother Church would tell us its not ok to define another suitable name for Deity, our Pastors allow us to take this wherever we want to go.

The Scottish Gaelic word for Soul is Anam.

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