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In previous posts, we have discussed how to revive Gaelic in a way that it has a solid future. In order to do this we need to consider the prionnsabal (principle) which will be the basis of it moving forward.

Any pedagogical structure which demonstrates learning needs to have a solid prionnsabal upon which the revival will operate. This could be defined as “Anam” or the Soul of the project.

We already talked in previous posts that this may be interwoven with a creative idea, or brotherhood with practical ideas.

A good place to begin is to imagine a star with 6 points (perhaps something looking like a star of David) or a sun with six rays and the word prionnsabal in the middle. What other 6 adjectives or nouns can we use to define the “anam” of the thing?

To recap, we are doing this because simply reviving Gaelic on a principle of nationalism or political process is doomed to fail as it lacks Love and practical ideas. It also fails to deal with the ailing moral and spiritual decline amongst Gaels who are either held prisoner, metaphorically speaking, by the Church or else turning to drugs because of the emptiness they feel.

A prionnsabal or Principled system will give a correct structure not only to learning but will remove egotistical ideas, forcing each of us to examine our motives why we want to learn and promote Gaelic.

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