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Mortals and Immortals 6

Coming up to the end of a week, where I didn’t prepare or write a Bible Lesson in advance but daily looked at scripture with Science and Health. Partly because of my increasing discomfort with writing using 19th century religious terms as religion drops out of fashion in the UK and partly to make a stand against institutional denominational demands of “purchasing” a weekly lesson with some bizarre notion of sentimentality.

I also spent this week looking at various numerology systems to see exactly where Mary Baker Eddy got her numerical ideas, which I’ve written about in a blog post a few days ago. It proves to us her Mathematical principle, firmly rooted in Bible numerology, then ordaining it as Pastor along with her own book using the 7,4, principle.

Biblical numerology goes much farther back than the Bible itself, the allegories and stories are really just to demonstrate how they work in our lives. I am in no way saying that we should see CS only as a mathematical formula, (although everything can be seen as mathematics in our lives) but we cant use the practice unless we have a firm grounding in the principle. We don’t need to know how electricity works but we need to know the basics. Without those, it becomes a system of magic of faith.

Her work needs to be seen in light of a government. For Mrs Eddy that Government was to be called Church, giving rise to all kinds of misconceptions about what that means in a world where religious terms have no relevance. Yet her definition can take us far above any human place and straight back to the Bible.

Plato said: A chair or an ox belongs to the class of material things. A soul or a number belongs to the class of immaterial things. The drawing of a square belongs to the material realm but the square itself belongs to the immaterial realm which more or less sums up what she says.

Next week, I hope to continue examining her connection and influences from Plato.

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