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Mortals and Immortals 4

Principle of Principles

( or Why the Mother Church Bible Lessons Cannot Take Your Consciousness Higher)

Let us get straight to the heart of the matter. Either Science is everything or Science is nothing. The Bible shows this by demonstrating spiritual laws through allegory,mathematics, real stories and myth to demonstrate science. It is a text book to show spiritual laws at work. Revered as a book of metaphysical demonstration.

The Bible however during the course of history has been kidnapped on one side by literalists who use it as a rule book of a tyrannical God and others who claim to be mystics, dropping hints about saints, spirits, holy water and superstitious nonsense which the media then use for manipulation. (could also be said about Art).

Pythagoras said that all things can be reduced to Mathematics to be understood better. Not to disarm a principle but simply for Scientific research and to see the thing outside human emotion.

Scholars often did this with the Bible but hid their work from the Catholic Church for fear of punishment in Church history. After the Reformation, these scholars in the protestant tradition proposed certain biblical mathematics. This knowledge existed in most protestant churches, and freemasonry but always remained hidden for fear of persecution. It is doubtful that even today numerical knowledge of a system in the Bible would be embraced by religious thinkers as it requires a complete redefinition of what religion is.

In Mrs Eddy’s time it was very fashionable to code numbers into Art, She tried this with Christ and Christmas as well as a James Gilman picture of a CS service but quickly reversed her decision as she didn’t want people to come to the system via mathematics and formulae. She only wanted to demonstrate its workings. You can still see traces of this around the original Edifice such as Mother’s Room window which has a seven pointed star shining in the window with words “seeking and finding” two words with seven letters each.

Using Bible mathematics, her system was ultimately developed around numbers 7 and 4 . So we see 16 chapters of the text book, 7 hymns by Mrs Eddy etc etc…. This does not men she was using an occult system of knowledge, it may only have been used to classify her system but out of mathematics came a Principle which needs to be followed to completion mathematically.

There is no great hidden knowledge about this, it has been written out and charted by John Doorly and Max Kappeler, both of whom were ex-communicated by the Mother Church for publishing their findings. It simply adds another dimension to our understanding and a mature look at this is nothing to be afraid of or to question. Its simply how she developed her system.  Recently more overly complex charts have appeared which for mathematicians is fine. Mary Baker Eddy said her system would be further studied when humanity was ready.

This information however has implications for the way we study and view  CS in order to bring in the new knowledge that increasingly is made available:

This information about mathematics has been used by certain parties to blame the Board of Directors because there is an opinion that this information is likely in the archives of the Mother Church and was not revealed at any point. I disagree. I think the Board simply do not know anything about it.

Here’s why:

The Bible Lessons line up with this system: studying six sections which culminate on the last seventh day (on the seventh day he rested) where the student is left in the presence of God. lining up with the seven days of creation, seven hymns seven synonyms etc. The board of directors changed the rules in the 1980s allowing lessons to be of any length (many independent groups also don’t realise and continue writing their lessons incorrectly). This immediately meant the basis of operation of Divine Law could not be expressed through them as they simply don’t work mathematically, as they are no longer faithful to the mathematical principle. (“The Angel is denied” if you want it in religious terms) I doubt this was deliberate as it is spiritual suicide. There are probably many other points have changed as well, which would explain the rapid decline in the cs denominational movement. 

Bearing in mind that the Board of Director´s views swing between Empire and Sentimentality, I doubt they would be very interested anyway even if they did start to examine mathematical structure.

So there we have it: our Beloved Dear Principle.

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