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Mortals and Immortals 20 May 2018

I am trying to depart from the denominational rituals to enforce the idea that it is not “me” bringing God to matter when writing and studying the Lesson daily, it is simply a “declaration”or “illumination” of what is already. That perfect Science of Being.

With that in mind, this week, rather than declare a full lesson, I will take one section daily for us to work with.

Today, we want to examine the Principle of Mind with the Lesson theme Immortality.

Ecclesiastes 5:20 says “for he shall not much remember the days of his life, because God answereth him in the joy of his heart”

From S and H

Mind: The Only I or us…. not that which is in man.

The Principle or Government of God’s Mind is all there is, these little personalisations of dislikes, pains, unhappiness don’t have any substance. The difference between Mortals and Immortals is the mind and MIND.

Immortals enjoy a fathomless existence ever happy, attached to nothing, Mortals mourn perceived loss which fades with passing years but still they cling to possessions of the loved one or have a feeling of tragedy.

It seems cruel to say we will forget these things which touch us personally in human ways but as our lives are centred around illusion in the most part, we look for a higher picture to be revealed.

Practically speaking, yesterday I was listening to old Radio Jingles from the 1980s, of a local radio station I grew up with in SW Scotland, they brought back memories of a time which seemed blissful, teenage years knowing for sure I was loved etc….

I know that sentimentality is wrong, its something so common in the denomination, looking back to Mrs Eddy’s healings and her life as “God with us” but the truth is there is no material history, there is “you” ever here, ever present as you always have been as you always will be. If we awake to see the world differently today we will usher in a brighter existence. One of limitless possibilities.

The jingles are good but how much more beautiful music can be made on these same principles of mathematics. An infinite number. Clinging to the jingles won’t help me, but knowing they are a demonstration of infinite possibilities is what I will remember when they come to my Mind.

What music will you make today?

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