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John 8: 42-47 Science and Health 475:5-27

This passage clearly examines “Principle” the synonym we know from the CS Text book as it is Jesus saying “if God were your Father you would love me”. In other words “If you lived in a higher conciousness, you would recognise me”. He then gives a lengthly treatise on living the Adam conciousness.

in the Bible Lesson I posted earlier this week, on my blog called  “spiritual” this portion of the Bible is in Section 5 followed by the S and H Question and answer “what is man?” And again it goes over the Adam conciousness, what man is and what he is not

In practical terms, I noticed today that my salary was late and of course the “Adam conciousness” came alive with the starting point that I am provided for only by material means, in this case a salary. After thinking about this, it was revealed to me that I am a government employee of a Divine Government which is perfect in every way, the job meets every human need and that includes provision.

I have been writing my own Bible Lessons for some time now and I hope to publish them here regularly.  I use the seven synonyms along with each section of the lesson, ending in a celebration of Love on the Sunday. Lining it up with the spiritual interpretation of the 7 days of creation.

Monday section 1- Mind

Tuesday section 2 Spirit

Wednesday section 3-soul

Thursday Section 4 – Life


Mrs Eddy gave us seven synonyms, not one, I disagree that the seven synonyms are completely interchangeable, I don’t believe thats what she meant, they are designed to bring out different qualities at different times. So to take Principle and study these as : principle of Mind, Principle of Spirit etc is very helpful. It is good to remember the part of the Lord’s prayer here “Love is reflected in Love” and so each synonym needs to be seen as a reflection of the others.



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