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Adam or his opposite?

This week’s Bible lesson is saying “choose ye” to make a decision about who we are….A living dying creature of mineral or a Divine reflection.

The question needs to be looked at again however because we need to ask WHO is asking the question. Is it Adam pleading for wholeness or is it the Divine reflection simply “being”?

Adam pleading for wholeness has no basis in science because it is error, a wrong viewpoint of oneself from the start. There is nothing to be made whole, no redemption or “growing into a new identity” as psychologists would have us believe. Men are not millions of composite minerals running around with individual bodies and minds destined to die at some unpredictable moment but simply beliefs about how we see Divinity in our lives. Incorporeality reflected in very unique ways.

To claim the identity of Divinity’s reflection, we simply have to accept it, Gender, sickness and human beauty are unknown to God and as such no amount of pleading is going to change anything. These thoughts of sin sickness and death are from the definition of Adam.

As God is one, so is his reflection Man, creating tindrels of Love in every corner of our being, any starting point with Adam cannot be known in Science and is fruitless and cannot be seen, hence the call “Adam where art thou?”

As Adam is unknown in Science, he can do no more than plead for change. That is his theology and the theology of lack, which pervades most religions of the day.

In order for prayers to be answered, we need to approach Divinity with the same consciousness as itself, otherwise we “ask amiss” in Biblical terms. We cannot come with lack but with an affirmation of the fullness given. To recognise the Good in life is not to appease the Adam mind, by giving thanks when we don’t mean it, but to declare a consciousness where we can find Divinity.

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