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Principled Living

Yesterday I got a call from a potential student who was interested in learning English. He introduced himself as “The Buddha” followed by his full name. I initially thought it was a hoax until I realised he was calling from Nepal and the title “The Buddha” is one bestowed upon their Priests and Monks by ecclesiastical authority.

It got me thinking about how much our lives would be changed if we let The Christ consciousness in our life shine through and like Jesus we could be known for the Christ in our lives. If the Christ is the willingness to submit and reconcile to the Divine  Mind, then the Anti Christ is our refusal to accept that wider state of consciousness. The Christ is not something we see only in human form, Abraham saw The Christ in the mythical symbol Melchizedek as the incorporeal Christ. Moses also had a glimpse of The Christ in the “Spiritual Rock” described by Paul in l Corinthians. Simon also became known as”The rock” when he caught a glimpse of Divinity.

The Christ identity is what links us back to Christianity, even the name itself implies God’s image and likeness being carried in the name. What would it be like if we were Joseph Christ, Maryanne Christ? Known for our higher sense of living. By reconciling and “at oneing” ourselves back to the wholeness of Spirit.  To make ourselves the heirs of God is our birthright.

The higher sense, the Christ is not shown in power given by ecclesiatical authorities, so that we can call ourselves, Father, Buddha or Mother in the case of Nuns or Priests.  Its about how we do things without practicing counterfeit unprincipled living.

Following on from my post yesterday, these terms raise a lot of fear and pre concieved ideas in people about Jesus Judgement, fear and hell. But yet how else can we define the fathomless force of good? How would we define Electricity if its name had to be changed? What new name would we give it?

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