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#poem written at #kilbirnie cemetery #northayrshire #scotland

At the Grave of Mary Stewart Glass
(Kilbirnie Old Cemetery Lair: E1286)

Dwells there a shadow on your grave
A look that years impart?
Is there a thought of vanished hours
 a husband may come back?

A son from others shores returns?
A daughter from the way?
Waiting silently reposed
The passing of the days.

Now may your gaze be heavenward
Convictions deep and strong
Yielding Irish good luck charm
To all you chance upon
Your  soul, upbourne on Ayrshire’s wings,
In brighter days will find
Life has a higher just reward
Than waiting for mankind.

So gaze no more on passing ways
To faces walking by
For we as strangers  know your plight
With knowledge where you lie.

Strangers not, but family
With flowers to heal and save
A lonely soul long since forgotten
Blessed be your  grave



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