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#poem: Angel of Thanksgiving #kilbirnie #northayrshire

Silent steps he takes by the loch,
Then, like  a blacksmith hitting an anvil
He declares thanks for provision,
Given through steel

With the gaze of an avenging Angel
He looks at the net upon his shoulder,
He declares thanks for his clothes
Given through the net factories

Rising, flying above the loch
His movement causes a ripple in the waters
Declaring gratitude for the schools
Built by the people to the town

His eyes burn like two black pieces of coal
Shining in the material darkness
And he remembers the mines
And all those who died in them

And at the forgotten war memorial
By the steel works, he ponders
And the names come alive for ever
Of a sacrifice for Love

Rising farther, he sees the old fever hospital
And the care given there
Giving thanks for the Home guard stations there in 1940

And then to us, the love we give each other
The warmth we spread daily to our family and friends
And he gives thanks.







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